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Building self confidence

Confidence is a deep inner understanding and trust. Its knowing that everything is going to be good. Its knowing your worth. Its faith and belief in whatever vibrational frequency you choose to attune yourself to. Its clicking into your truth.

We have structured ourselves finely into an already established and heavily saturated reality. We visually see others getting thousands of likes on photos and instantly feel powerless or lesser than because we didn't receive the same validation. We suffer from inner complexes and issues because we choose to relate our own worth to others experiences, success, or achievements. This entire time we bonded to a foundation based on lies. Established expectations that are not true to ourselves. We purchased someones vision, without even questioning if its a "One size fits all" product. That is when the truth bomb drops and the universe steps in to show you that is not the vision for you. That is why you feel unappreciated. That is why you seek validation. That is why you do not get the same results. You came to the conclusion that you must feel, or that you are unworthy. You are basing your unworthiness on the way things are turning out. Based on expectations you had. Its time to deliberately find a way to accomplish effective results.

In the beginning of any experience we have excitement and drive built up within us like a volcano. We feel invincible, then slowly over time that invincible feeling deteriorates. Sound familiar? It should. We have all done it. The reason the feeling of invincibility fades is because you hand over your power to others. Their opinions and projections work together to mirror to you your worst fears. Therefore, absorbing what is theirs as your own, not realizing they are not really holding you to the same expectations you have. What you are doing is looking to feel appreciation and approval, But what you are SEEKING is true alignment. What you are seeking is inner value and knowledge of who you are and knowing that you are tapped in the source of abundant power. You are seeking your true SELF. You are the source.

We base every observation on points of attraction. So when things start happening beyond our control, we make a fear based decision to lower our vibration to match the negativity that we are observing. We choose to say things we would not normally say, and do things we would not normally do because it is easier to observe what is going on, than it is to remember the power you have in reaction to the circumstances. Then we create these cycles of self depreciation and manipulate ourselves into believing we are worthless. Your circumstances are the not basis of your vibration. Yet often, lack of Confidence stems from disassociation of seeing who you truly while simultaneously being close enough to reality that you become visible in a big way to everyone else. Its acknowledging your power then convincing yourself its not enough.

So how do we build true self confidence? We honor ourselves. We allow ourselves to fail and try again. We stay honest with our divine vibrations and only align ourselves to what is for our highest good. We transcend the bad days, and stay grateful with value and integrity through the good days. We practice balance, in all areas of our lives... and most importantly, we no longer observe with fear in the dark, because we know our light.

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